Recipe: Keto Swedish Meatballs

A homely dish that is perfect for that lazy evening just chilling - enjoy this plate of authentic Swedish meatballs! You can also make it for parties - it sure will be a crowd pleaser :)


11 oz Ground Beef
11 oz Pork Mince
1 Egg
½ Onion
4 Cloves Garlic
1 Tbsp Nutmeg
2 Cardamom
Parsley to garnish
1 Carton Beef Stock
½ Cup Sour Cream
½ Cup Cream

1. Mince Onion, garlic and spices using a food processor.
2. Add to ground beef, pork, egg in a large bowl.
3. Form into balls and fry on a medium heat in olive oil until outsides are browned and crispy.
4. Add beef stock, sour cream and cream to the pan and simmer on a low heat for about 15 minutes until thick.
5. Make sure to keep the heat low as not to curdle the cream.
6. Serve with chopped parsley to garnish.

Calories: 686.90
Carbs: 8.3g (8.38%)
Net Carbs: 7.3g (7.37%)
Protein: 34.2g (34.51%)
Fat: 56.6g (57.11%)
Total Weight: 99.1g

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