Our Principals

What guides us?

GTCL is aligned with the following principles. Below is a helpful glossary to help familiarize yourself with life-affirming concepts, and enable you to be inspired to live the lifestyle.


Conscious Living, also referred to as “Mindfulness”:

Simply put, it means creating your own life consciously by making deliberate, thought out decisions instead of living passively or following the herd. How is it different from Mindfulness? Steve Pavlina, a prominent personal development coach and blogger, believes that to live consciously, you should exhibit the following traits:

  • making careful, intelligent, and deliberate decisions
  • maintaining a positive emotional state regardless of circumstances
  • developing empowering beliefs while purging disempowering ones
  • understanding your own thought processes, emotions, and behaviors
  • staying focused on what’s most important while tuning out distractions
  • building an accurate and effective model of reality

Activated vs Sprouted:

Our activation process is a 62-hour labour of love that involves pre-sprouting the pili nuts, then slowly dehydrating them at low heat. Pre-sprouting the nuts involves soaking them in water to remove the phytic acid (making it more digestible to humans), as well as to sprout the seeds (awakening their natural enzymes and making the nuts more nutritious). Pre-sprouting has been scientifically proven to enhance the nutritional content of the nuts, as opposed to commercially roasted or deep-fried nuts that have practically no nutritional value.

Clean Eating:

While there are many definitions of clean eating on the internet, in general, it refers to a diet comprised mostly of whole foods or food taken as close as possible to their natural state, with little to no processing involved. Obviously this would make common fast food and packaged goods a no-no, as they are often genetically modified, may have traces of chemical toxins, harmful preservatives /additives, or are over-processed to the point of losing natural nutrients. At GTCL we encourage clean eating and clean cooking, which means: consuming mostly raw, whole, organic, slow cooked and home-cooked meals that are sourced from trusted and ethical growers. Check out our blog for Clean Eating recipes!

Clean Beauty / Clean Skincare:

Refers to skincare, makeup or bath products made purely from ethically sourced and toxin-free ingredients. At GTCL, we define Clean Skin Care as: all natural, mostly sustainably sourced from tropical ecosystems.


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