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Our exclusive and rare raw trigona honey is the world's most unique citrus-sweet tasting pure honey that is a proven natural immunity booster, and has the lowest sugar of any honey. This award-winning honey carries fruity notes from the tropical plants pollinated by our stingless Trigona bees - namely mango, pineapple, tamarind, calamansi and coconut, among others. Check out our range including our popular delicious propolis throat spray and propolis extract.


Pili Pushers' pili nuts are a stress-fighting low-carb superfood. Activated and raw, these vegan snacks are bursting with Magnesium and Vitamin E, and come in scrumptious, award-winning flavours like Cinnamon and Raw Honey, Raw Cacao and Coffee, Ginger and Turmeric, Himalayan Pink Salt and Unsalted.


Interested in distributing your own brand of pili nuts, or perhaps give them out as corporate souvenirs? How about serving and selling them for taking home, as your signature snack at your restaurant or bar?

We can help you develop your own branded activated raw pili nuts packages, and even have our kitchen customise unique pili flavours!


Kumuya is the art of embracing beauty at any age. A journey that mindfully synergises plant-derived ingredients with science-backed efficacy. Building a range of clean, vegan and wholesome skincare products, so you can go from perfecting your skin to appreciating your true best self. After all, beauty starts from the nourishment you give yourself. That’s why, we’ve handpicked nutrient-rich ingredients, vitamins, minerals and optimal concentrations of actives for our products. While staying free of toxins, parabens, silicon, mineral oils and preservatives.


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