Expert Advice: How eating clean can change your life

Pooja Vig, functional medicine nutritionist for 13 years, helps people to optimise their health by discovering and fixing their nutritional imbalances. She shares with us how clean eating can improve our wellbeing and more importantly, how to get started.

GTCL: Pooja, what does clean eating mean to you?

Pooja: Clean eating to me means a number of things - on one level it is eating foods that are as close to their natural state - foods that are minimally processed. It also means finding foods that are “clean” of chemicals and pesticides such as grass-fed organic meats or organic vegetables. The next level of eating clean is to avoid foods that you know don’t suit you such as food sensitivities.

GTCL: What are some foods that constitute eating clean?

Pooja: Lots of fresh produce, some organic meats and fish (or beans and legumes for those who are vegetarian), healthy fats such as nuts and seeds

GTCL: You’ve been a nutritionist for 20 years. Have you seen the impact of clean eating on any of your patients?

Pooja: The first step to the work I do with all my clients is put them on a clean eating diet. That starts from the first appointment for a month when we meet again to discuss their results. Most clients find that simply changing diet makes them feel better - and then we take that to next level by using their test results. The combination of clean eating, lifestyle changes and targeted supplements can be phenomenal.

GTCL: How can I eat clean if I have to eat out often?

Pooja: That is tougher for sure. There are several places that are healthier. Salad places are an obvious choice. Also places like The Daily Cut and The Lokal make really healthy delicious food. If looking for local food, try to find places that remain true to traditional cooking such as Thunder Tea Rice and herbal soup providers.

GTCL: What is 1 thing anyone who wants to move towards clean eating do?

Pooja: Cook more!

About our expert

Pooja has been Clinic Director and Co-Founder of The Nutrition Clinic for almost 13 years. Today, she finds herself with improved digestion and immunity, better sleeping patterns and more energy. She shares on how she can help you to achieve a better quality of life.

"As a Functional Medicine Nutritionist at The Nutrition Clinic, I support and advise others who sense, like me, that food, nutrition, stress, hormones, and lifestyle choices all play an integral role in our health and sense of wellbeing.

I truly believe health is the key to everything. Having the energy to spring out of bed, motivation to exercise, excitement to cook a great meal for your family, the inspiration to travel, no -end to great ideas and exciting plans for your future.

I am truly passionate about getting my clients results by removing all of the guesswork to discover which foods, supplements and lifestyle strategies you need to create lifelong, vibrant health."


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