Benefits of Propolis

Did you know that the word ‘Propolis’ comes from Greek origin, where ‘Pro’ means ‘at the entrance to and the word ‘polis’ stands for city or community. Propolis has been getting a lot of attention due to the many beneficial properties it has to offer when people use it. It has been used for various purposes, whether it is for skin care or to treat an illness. Propolis seems to be the ultimate natural solution for several skin-related issues. It consists of numerous antioxidants and immunity boosting properties as well. In addition to all that, propolis consists of numerous healing properties, such as antifungal, antimicrobial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory.
Propolis is easily available as supplements and it is found in honey in small quantities. It is also found in certain skin-healing creams and ointments, throat sprays, nasal sprays, toothpaste, and mouthwashes as well.
What Are The Many Benefits Of Propolis?
This powerful ingredient is not only natural, it has turned into a staple of the natural world. Listed below are the many benefits that propolis has to offer.
1. Good For Sensitive Skin
Individuals with sensitive skin can reap the benefits of propolis. When used in skincare, it helps with smoothening and softening of the skin, including keeping it hydrated. Unlike other topical treatments on the market, it helps in treating and nurturing the skin instead of stripping the skin barrier.
2. Helps With Pigmentation And Inflammatory Redness
Numerous triggers are responsible for inflammation, whether it is a skin care reaction, stress, food, or the weather. Redness occurs as a sign of inflammation and using a topical or moisturiser containing propolis can greatly help with it. Plus, it can also help with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
3. Helps With Acne
Due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial nature, propolis can help with acne treatments in two different ways. Firstly, it helps by attacking the acne caused by bacteria and then it helps in easing the inflammation that takes place in the skin, which caused the acne. Moreover, because of inflammation, the skin gets dried up, leading to scabs, flakes, and scars. Propolis can help with all of these issues as well.
4. Protection From External Environmental Factors
Products that contain propolis provide antioxidant protection from all of the external environmental aggressors such as sunlight, radiation, pollution, and so on. Since propolis is high in antioxidants, it helps in neutralizing free radicals plus oxidative stress, which is known for damaging the skin cells. All of that damage can lead to dullness, premature aging, dark spots, and so much more.
5. Helps With Collagen Production
Propolis also helps support collagen production, which impacts the body’s skin healing abilities. According to studies, products that contain propolis have the potential of healing the skin by encouraging Type I plus Type III collagen production. More studies are being conducted in order to understand how exactly does propolis help with healthy collagen production.
6. Healing Wounds And Burns
The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that are found in propolis are not only good for the skin, but it also helps with healing wounds, such as burns. When you gently apply the propolis extract to the affected area, it can help heal minor burns more quickly. A study was conducted by the ‘Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine,’ where researchers examined the effects of a skin cream filled with propolis and a drug filled with silver sulfadiazine, which is commonly used for treating second-degree and third-degree burns. Both of these products were tested on patients who had second-degree burns. The final results of that study showed that both silver sulfadiazine and propolis were quite similarly effective when it comes to the treatment of the burns. In fact, propolis ended up offering more anti-inflammatory benefits as compared to silver sulfadiazine.
7. Treating Gastrointestinal Disorders
According to research, propolis can also help with the treatment of different gastrointestinal disorders, such as ulcerative colitis, gastrointestinal ulcers, and even gastrointestinal cancers. Numerous components that are found in propolis have shown to effectively kill different pathogens. However, the research regarding this has only been done on animals and cell cultures; hence, more research is being done to 100% confirm this theory.
8. Help In Fighting Cavities
According to a study that was published in ‘Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin,’ propolis can potentially help with fighting cavities. A research was conducted where scientists discovered that certain compounds that are present in propolis can help with slowing down the growth of an oral bacteria called Streptococcus mutans, which is known for helping with the growth of cavities. This study claims that propolis can help with stopping the Streptococcus bacteria from getting stuck on the teeth.
9. Managing Diabetes
According to an animal-based research, propolis has the potential of aiding in the treatment of diabetes. A study was published in 2005 in ‘Pharmacological Research,’ where diabetic rats were tested after the use of propolis. The final result showed that their blood sugar levels and their cholesterol levels lowered after their treatment with propolis. However, this result has not been seen on humans and more studies are being done.
10. Treatment Of Cold Sores
According to preliminary research, topical application of propolis can help with healing cold sores. In 2010, a study was published which claimed that scientists discovered that propolis extracts contain virus-fighting abilities that can help eliminate the virus that is responsible for causing cold sores.
11. Beneficial For Rosacea Skin
Rosacea is a skin condition, which causes redness and swelling of small blood vessels over the face. This condition has no cure, but it can be managed when treated properly. In addition to being anti- inflammatory, propolis also helps in reducing redness of the skin. It cools the skin’s temperature and soothes the skin, while working on the Rosacea symptoms.
Propolis comes with a plethora of benefits, some of which are still being researched, while others are as true as they can be. Of course, you have to look out for any allergies you might have when it comes to propolis and other related substances prior to using it. Other than that, incorporating propolis in your life can help dissipate several skin and health related issues one might experience on a regular basis.

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