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Established since in 2013, we craft wild-harvested superfood snacks that are free of additives and preservatives, filled with nutritional goodness and are amazingly delicious. Our pili nuts have been growing wild for centuries on volcanic soils of Bicol, Philippines. With the highest Vitamin E and lowest carb of any nut, it is the perfect gourmet keto-vegan snack & ingredient for everyone. Great for skin, stress and heart health. That’s also why we pre-sprout then dehydrate our pili nuts at low heat - a 62-hour process to retain its nutrients for better absorption and buttery texture. 5 award-winning flavours to enjoy!

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With honey being the 3rd most faked food in the world, it is our mission at Anaya to source for sustainably and organically farmed honey that have therapeutic properties, free of pesticides, sugar adulteration and tasty - clean honey. We work with beekeepers who educate independent farmers about bee pollination and better farming practises. While challenging, farmers who transition to organic farming see crop yield increase by up to 40% and sell their honey at fair-trade prices.
Today Anaya is the world’s main producer of stingless Trigona Biroi bee honey and the only producer to have independently tested our honey efficacy so our customers can confidently enjoy and benefit from our clean honey range.

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‘KU’ reflects Nature. ‘MU’ celebrates Impermanence. ‘YA’ embodies Elegance. Kumuya is the art of embracing beauty at any age. We advocate a multi-pathway approach to address skin wellness in a whole new paradigm - through the most potent and nutritious products, the wisdom of nutrition from food, and the practice of a positive mind. A journey that mindfully synergises plant-derived ingredients with science-backed efficacy. Building a range of clean, vegan and wholesome skincare products, so you can go from perfecting your skin to appreciating your true best self. After all, beauty starts from the nourishment you give yourself. 

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