Say Goodbye to Mouldy Leather Bags: 8 Best Practices For Mould-Free Leather

I love my leather bags and wallets, who doesn't? Everyone knows how important it is to keep them in good condition. One thing that can be harmful to both your bags and your health is mould - that is something we experience a lot here in hot and humid Singapore. Personally I find mould growing on my leather bag after keeping it in my cupboard for a month. 

Mould is a type of fungus that can cause allergies and respiratory issues, so it's important to take steps to prevent it from growing on your leather items. Here are eight best practices for keeping your leather bags mould-free:

1. Clean your leather bags regularly:

Dirt, dust, and moisture can accumulate on the surface of your leather bag, providing the perfect environment for mould to grow. I use a soft cloth and our leather cleaner to gently clean my bags and wallet; and then wipe it dry with a clean towel. Harsh chemicals can damage the leather, so it's best to avoid them. 

2. Store and keep your leather bags dry:

If your bag gets wet, make sure to dry it immediately with a clean towel and then let it air dry. Don't use a hairdryer or other heat source to dry it, as that can damage the leather. You can dry out your leather under the fan or in an air-conditioned room. Also, try to avoid exposing your leather bags to direct sunlight, as that can cause the leather to dry out or crack. Try to keep your bags in a dry well-ventilated space.

Avoiding storing your leather items in plastic storage bags, as these tend to trap moisture, which can cause mould to grow on your leather. Instead, use a breathable cloth bag or a dust cover to protect your leather bags while they're in storage.

3. Use a leather conditioner

Leather bags can dry out and have tiny cracks over time - this makes them more susceptible to mould growth. To prevent this, it is important to use a leather conditioner to keep the leather supple and moisturised by introducing natural oils into the leather. Apply the leather conditioner every 3 to 6 months or as needed. Try to find a natural leather care product to reduce the risk of damaging your leather, and developing skin allergies.

    4. Use silica gel packets:

    Silica gel is a form of desiccant that can absorb and hold moisture from the surrounding environment. I place a few packets in my leather bag when storing it, and it helps keep it dry and free from moisture. 

    5. Use an anti-mould patches:

    Personally I find this the most useful product that I've found. These patches help to extend the efforts that I've put in to maintain my leather bags and wallets. Using natural ingredients, these patches help to inhibit mould growth, so that I've peace-of-mind that my bags will be mould-free.

    6. Use a dehumidifier:

    If you live in a humid environment, especially if you live near the sea, river, or near dense vegetation (i.e. jungle/forest); consider using a dehumidifier to reduce the amount of moisture in the air. This can help prevent mould growth not only on your leather bags but also in other areas of your home. Else you can also consider a dry cabinet for your precious leather bags.

    7. Avoid using leather bags in wet environments:

    If the weather forecast is expected to be rainy - which is pretty common here in Singapore, you can consider avoiding the use of your precious leather bag. If you have to, consider a waterproof cover for your bag.

    8. Check your bags regularly:

    Even if you take all the precautions, it's still a good idea to check your leather bags regularly for any signs of mould growth. This is especially important when we are busy and tend to forget about our bag in storage. If you do spot mould, you can clean it with our leather cleaner or seek professional cleaning services.

    I hope you found these little tips useful to keep your leather bags mould-free and in great condition for years to come.

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