Improving lives through wellness has been our mission since GTCL was founded in 2013. We mindfully create products that deliver a great experience yet benefit health. Thoughtful gifts now available for employees, clients, partners, loved ones. With a variety of wellness products, we offer gift sets that can be ordered in smaller quantities to give you flexibility and options.



All our products are produced by us and sold internationally. We pride ourselves on making products of the highest possible ingredients, and look, feel and taste amazing. From unique healthy snacks to immunity boosting citrussy-sweet honey to nutritive skin wellness, there's a gift for anyone. Don't just take our word for it, all our products are award winners! Gifts that show you value them.



Consumers today care about quality as much as how products are made. What also makes our products unique is that they are mindfully crafted, and produced consciously. Consider farmers benefiting from the bee pollination education and fair trade, local communities harvesting wild pili nuts, or the holistic approach of mental wellness with vegan skincare. Elegant gifts that help, not harm.


Discover our current Wellness Gifting collection below which are available for immediate purchase. Quantities are limited. Drop us a note for customization with minimum quantities.



(1) Limited Edition Throat Spray

Our popular Trigona Propolis Throat Spray now comes in a gorgeous full-grain leather sleeve, making it ultra-portable and luxurious. Proven to kill 83% bad bacteria, it's a soothing product for those who spend hours on Zoom calls or want to boost their immunity while being out and about. 

Unlike other propolis sprays which are bitter, our herbalish-sweet tasting spray is delicious even to enjoy as a mouth refresher. The ultimate immune and throat health support.

This special edition product is available only at Quantities are limited. Discover now >>

(2) Wine Pairing Kit

Discover wine pairing recommendations from Singapore's top sommelier, Mason Ng, where he paired 4 of our delicious Pili Pushers pili nuts with different wines. Perfect as a healthy snacking gift for deserving employees, customers and parties. 

This gift set comes with an exclusive tote bag that will be especially useful when bringing these delectable nuts and wine to parties. There's also one of our favourite recipes at the back this wine-pairing card guide!

Items are enclosed in a luxurious black gift box with an external sleeve with a meaningful quote. Discover now >>


(3) Immunity Kit

This trinity of medicinal-grade trigona honey products gives your employees,  customers, and family proven immune support no matter where they are in the world. Packed in a handsome padded pouch which can also be used for fragile items, cables and more.

Items are enclosed in a luxurious black gift box with an external sleeve with a meaningful quote. Discover now >>



(4) Be Well Care Pack

Staying healthy means taking care of one's immunity and eating well. This unique gift set includes 3 packs of nutritious Pili Pushers pili nuts for skin and heart health, as well as Anaya Propolis Throat Spray for convenient, tasty immunity support. Comes with an exclusive tote bag, extending that thoughtful care long after.

Items are enclosed in a luxurious black gift box with an external sleeve with a meaningful quote. Discover now >>


Contact us for any questions or to customize towards your gifting requirements. 


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