About Anaya

Anaya Trigona honey is truly unlike any other honey. Our stingless (Trigona/ Tetragonula) bee honey is scientifically-proven to kill 83% of bacteria, and contain only 17% sugar. 

Our exclusive honey is produced in limited quantities each year from tiny stingless bees (Tetragonula Biroi, or Melipona in the Americas) that collect nectar from a wide variety of plants and herbs. The honey is raw, unheated and naturally contains a high level of pollen and propolis, to make this the most healing natural food.

Harvested from fruit farms, the variety of crops pollinated gives our honey its unique citrussy-sweet flavour. Flavour notes include mango, pineapple, tamarind, calamansi, coconut and lychee.

Our 100% pure honey is free from preservatives or additives.


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