Fake Healthy Foods Which Are Actually Bad For You

If food labels are anything to go by, there will be no unhealthy food as every food usually contains healthy nutrients according to their labels. Sometimes a food that is said to be low in fat may contain a lot of unhealthy oils. Sometimes veggie dishes may be laced with a staggering amount of salt and sugar which make the food totally unhealthy. This article discusses some food you think are go for you but are really not. And for each of them, an alternative has been suggested.

Instant Oatmeal

As mentioned earlier, this food and the others listed below are believed to be healthy for you but they are not. Instant oatmeal does not have enough fiber to satisfy you because it has been heavily processed. It spikes your blood sugar immediately after eating it and then the sugar drops, thereby making you hungry again.

Healthier alternative

The old oat is better because it contains a substantial amount of fiber. This will leave you satisfied much longer. You can also add more fibers when you add either almonds or berries to the oat.

Vegetable Chips

Contrary to what most people believe, veggie chips are not and cannot replace actual vegetables. One of their differences is that chips are mostly fried and salted while natural vegetables do not have oil or salt. Being fried and salted gives a possibility of having a large quantity of sodium and calories.

Healthier alternative

Air-popped popcorn is the best replacement for veggie chips. This has less calories and it also contains more antioxidants than some fruits. However, you don’t have to stay away from veggie chips completely. You can take it less often or look for any brand with a substantial amount of fiber.


The major problem with granola is its high calories content. This is because granola usually has nuts and oils. In addition, its sweetener can also increase its sugar content.

Healthier alternative

Multigrain cheerios is a better and healthier alternative because it contains lower amount of calories, sugar and fat. If you find it difficult to stay away from granola, you can take it once in a long while.

Turkey Burger

Turkey may be a better choice than red meat because of its lower saturated fat, remember that they both have virtually the same amount of calories and total fat. It is safer to avoid it.

Healthier alternative

You are better off with wild salmon burgers because they contain omega-3 fatty acids for proper functioning of the heart and brain. They also contain vitamin D. A very good brand of salmon burgers is Trident Seafood’s frozen salmon burger.

Reduced-Fat Peanut Butter

While peanut butter should have 90 percent peanut or more, some don’t. Instead, they contain unhealthy oils, sugar, and syrup. It is better to void it.

Healthier alternative

Take only the ones labeled “natural” peanut butter. In the alternative, you can check the ingredients. Another option is to look for a layer of oil at the very top of the jar.

It is always good to find out more about how your food is made and what goes into it. Do your research on the nutritional content and also the various ingredients that goes into your food. This will help you to be more conscious about what you put into your body and also avoid falling into marketing traps.  

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