Build your mental strength at Wellness Wednesdays

Join us for a thought-provoking group coaching session to strengthen your mental state of mind.

What's Wellness Wednesdays?

GTCL's Wellness Wednesdays is a safe space for you to confidently and confidentially explore your issues, challenges and goals on wellness topics.


Hosted by your GTCL founders who are certified life coaches, this short 1 hour session designed to help you get answers, learn and find reprieve from a small group of other like-minded people who are experiencing the same.


We ask the questions, you explore your options. The best part of all, this is free to you as part of our contribution to mental wellbeing.

Examples of topics inspired by the Wellness Wheel we will cover

Finding purpose

You could be struggling to find meaning, direction and simply want to get clarity in where you should be headed.

Issues at home & work

You may be having communication issues with those at home or at work. Any you say just seems to come off work, or anything someone says rubs you the wrong way.

Isolation challenges

Not being able to travel and not being able to meet friends or socialize is frustrating you but you just don't know what you can do.

How balanced is your life?

The Wellness Wheel is a model that shows us how we can achieve balance in our life. The dimensions of the wheel are interconnected and all equally important to living well. How are you faring in each aspect of the wheel? Which areas are you in need to better manage?


Our group coaching sessions are held for up to 10 participants, virtually on Zoom. In-person sessions may be possible in the future.

These confidential sessions allow you to openly share your challenges, as you hear and learn from others. Discover solutions to move towards a better outcome together.

In your journey forward, you are never alone. Exclusively free to attend for GTCL Insiders & Community Partners.

Want a seat?

Sessions are limited in capacity to keep then intimate. Everything shared is confidential. Only an hour long. Check the link below for the next session date and time.

What is Coaching?

What is coaching? We get that question almost all the time. Very simply, coaching is a process that supports one to achieve their desired outcomes, faster than they would on their own. It is forward looking and can be therapeutic but not a therapy in itself. Here, the client is the expert and has the answers within their own context, while the coach facilitates the exploration of those answers. Coaching helps to do that by distracting the self-saboteur or confronting fear through the exploration of ‘worst case scenarios’.


Coaching has traditionally been associated with sports in the manner of teaching a skill. Much like a tennis or swim coach might do. A life coach on the other hand does not need to be an “expert” in the clients’ role or industry but rather acts as a facilitator to assist in learning to improve one’s performance.


Every professional athlete has a coach. In recent years, coaching is seen in various aspects of business and life, to help coachees unlock their potential to achieve their best.


Countries like the US and Europe are accustomed to the coaching practice, whether it is at work (often coined as executive coaching) or on their own (life coaching). However the self investment of coaching is something Asia is only about to accelerate, as coaching is typically costly and reserved for senior executives at companies where they invest in their leadership teams.

How's Wellness Wednesdays different from counselling, mentoring, therapy or training?

As one embarks on the journey towards self-care and improve mental well-being, several options may come to mind. Each has its merits and serve its own purpose.


Counseling is the process of assisting a client to resolve especially personal, social, or psychological problems and difficulties. The counselor typically works on a remedial basis.


Mentoring is when a person who is knowledgeable on a subject matter with extensive real world experience is able to give advice and acts as a role model. It involves wide ranging discussions that may not be limited to the work context. Both mentoring and coaching are intended to move towards future achievements.


Therapy is for those who seek emotional relief from psychological or physical pain. It deals with the person’s mental health whereas coaching deals with mental growth. The person’s motive for entering therapy is usually to get away from pain by working with past experience, rather than moving towards desired goals.


Training is teaching, or developing skills and knowledge or fitness relating to specific competencies by a trainer who is the expert. Training is typically conducted in groups while coaching is usually one to one due to client confidentiality.

What got it all started?

What interesting times we live in. The pandemic has certainly changed the way we live in both good and bad. We have witness how some people have continued to thrive, but some have gone the other way. They have gotten more frustrated, lost their aspirations, or changed their direction.


As a wellness company, we’ve been a provider of well-being through food and skincare but never before has mental wellness been this magnified. We hear the desperations, frustrations and confusion from so many including our own loved ones. As certified life coaches, co-founders, Gary and Terry, decided it was time to dedicate resources towards supporting this aspect of wellness that is so necessary.

Want a seat?

Sessions are limited in capacity to keep then intimate. Everything shared is confidential. Our next session is on 28th July at 7:30pm GMT+8 and we will be touching on the topic of managing emotions. The session will be hosted virtually on Zoom. Best of all, it is complimentary for all our GTCL Insiders so be a part of the family.


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