Wellness Circle

What is this?

The Wellness Wheel first created by Dr Bill Hettler informs that wellness is not one dimensional. Achieving our wellness goals is something easier said than done.

GTCL has been an advocate for conscious living for 8 years and counting. We've constantly challenged our definition of wellness and how we serve our community. Today, we take wellness beyond what we put in and on our bodies to how we can harness our thinking for better well-being. GTCL founders, Gary & Terry, now certified life and executive coaches invite you to their insider circle where you join an invitation-only group coaching session. No product pitches, just holding space for you as an appreciation for being with us through the years.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants positive change really. You may be 25 or 55, male or female, working or exploring your own journey. This is for you to give yourself a chance to discover yourself and with a group, to also learn from others' journeys.


How does this work?

For you to fully benefit and engage, there are a couple of things you can do.
Prior to the session - consider the questions you have, explore the challenges you've faced on the topic for that session and what you would like to achieve.
At the session - login 5 minutes prior to the scheduled timing so your mind is more at ease and grounded. Be free to voice your thoughts and comments but be mindful of others so everyone has adequate air time to share their journey. Keep your video on so we can put a face to a name.

Everything that is shared is confidential not only with us but also with the other participants. We are not subject matter experts but will share our experience and advise where appropriate. Coaching is about helping one learn better and achieve one's goals faster. Expect to answer questions to help you explore your own blind spots or uncover your own truths. You will be doing most of the talking but will make new discoveries along the way. With a group its even more fun as you get to hear and witness others' revelations.

Do I have to pay?

Such group sessions can cost hundreds of dollars. There is no cost to participate in our Insider Wellness Circle. It is limited to no more than 10 participants to keep each session as intimate as possible. Therefore, we ask that you commit to your participation. Repeated no-shows will result in barring from future sessions.


As group gatherings allow for limited numbers at the moment, we're holding these sessions on Zoom for the time being.

Can I invite someone else to join?

As the sessions are small and intended for those in our community, we want to ensure priority is given to them. However, if you would like to invite someone else, we may be able to extend to just one friend. Please get them to also sign up on Google Forms.


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